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Effortlessly Accept Reservations 24 Hours A Day
all plans include a 30 day free trial period
Small Business
Number of Resources
Number of Resources
The number of distinct items that you can book through your portal.
10 25 Unlimited
Payment Gateway Support
Payment Gateway Support
Basic plans support the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. If you purchase the Small Business or Enterprise class plan we'll integrate whatever payment gateway your business currently uses with your reservation portal.
PayPal / Stripe Any
We will integrate support for your payment gateway service if you register a Business class account.
We will integrate support for your payment gateway service if you register an Enterprise class account.
256-bit SSL Data Encryption
256-bit SSL Data Encryption
You can access any portion of the BookingGuru application (including your reservation portal) over a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection (the same encryption standard used for online banking).
Automatic Reservation Confirmation Emails
Both you and your customers will receive helpful email notifications of reservations placed through your portal.
Reservation Reminder Notifications
Your customers can elect to receive reminders of their reservation via Email and/or text message.
Email Marketing Tools
Use your portal's reservation checkout form to prompt users to opt in to email marketing lists or other newsletters that you maintain. BookingGuru integrates with the Mailchimp mailing list management software and will keep your mailing lists in sync.
Your Own Domain
You may make your reservation portal available at a fully custom domain or subdomain (i.e. "reservations.my-domain.com")
Integration Assistance
If you purchase an Enterprise class plan, we will personally assist you in the process of integrating the BookingGuru application with your existing web properties.