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BookingGuru is the most modern and economical solution on the market for managing hourly and daily resource booking.
BookingGuru is perfect for...
Equipment Rental
BookingGuru for Studios
If you rent out studio space, BookingGuru lets your customers make and pay for reservations quickly and conveniently online. If they happen to call up your office instead, with a single-click BookingGuru gives you and your employees a clear overview of studio availability for the customer's desired day and time period. If your customer asks to make a reservation over the phone, you can record it in BookingGuru in seconds.
BookingGuru for Institutions
Whether your institution books facilities out to external parties or just needs a solution to manage internal scheduling, BookingGuru is a great fit. With BookingGuru, you'll always know what's available when, and can be sure that your facilities get utilized in a maximally efficient way.
BookingGuru for
Equipment Rental
BookingGuru's categorization and availability search features help your equipment rental business run itself! BookingGuru lets your users find, reserve and pay for any available article in your inventory so you have more time to devote to things that matter.
BookingGuru for Offices
If your office rents out space for extra revenue, you can use BookingGuru to eliminate the administrative burden. Just indicate windows of availability and pricing for any space you want to rent out, and all interested parties can book and pay without you lifting a finger.
Great reasons to use BookingGuru
Self-Serve Booking
With BookingGuru, your customers can browse all of your resources, filter them by availability, place reservations, and pay — all without any intervention from you or your employees. If customers happen to call your office instead, it's a snap to add their reservations to the system via an administrative dashboard.
No-Show No More
When your customers make a reservation through BookingGuru, they can elect to receive an automatic reminder via email, text message or both. Your no-show problem is a thing of the past!
Extend Your Marketing Reach
BookingGuru lets you add a campaign opt-in box to your checkout forms and generates lists of all opt-in users. You can export these lists to a standardized format (XML, CSV) or have them synced with your MailChimp account. Email is the most powerful internet marketing medium out there. Leverage it to better your business!
Available Everywhere
You can access BookingGuru from anywhere you happen to be and see exactly what's going on with your business. Because BookingGuru is a fully cloud-based application, it plays nice with all operating systems and never goes out of date.